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Website Design
Our development services can provide you with database driven websites, web application development, portal design.

Entry Level Websites
We can craft you a small static/dynamic website that acts as a business card or brochure for your business.

Ecommerce websites and Business-to-Business (B2B) websites
E-commerce and B-toB systems enable your company to do business with customers safely and reliably.

Portals are browser-based applications that enable activities including connecting business processes within the business and across the supply chain by unifying access to structured and unstructured data, integrating applications to support the business processes as well as effectively integrating back-office applications and providing access to real-time, current and consistent information.

Website redesign
It is possible that you already have a website but now feel that you want to expand it further. Perhaps you have tested the water and the web is working for you and now you want to take it further.

Intranet and Extranet
Intranet and extranet system open effective channels of communication, distribution and interaction for your company and its emploee.

Content Management System
We have our own Content Management System, which allows us to build any form on content management. Is developed for non-technical users and provides administrators with editing and content management tools that make maintenance of the website a simple user friendly process.

Our solutions can be customized based on your requirements.

We have knowledge of and can support development using the following:
Markup and Stylesheet  Languages:
  •     HTML
  •     XML
  •     DHTML
  •     XSLT
  •     CSS
  •     XHTML

Query Languages:
  •     MySQL
  •     PostgreSQL
  •     MS SQL Server
  •     Oracle
  •     SQL, PL/SQL, T-SQL

Programming Languages:
  •     PHP
  •     JavaScript
  •     ActionScript (Adobe/Macromedia Flash)

  •     ADO
  •     AJAX/JSON
  •     mod_rewrite
  •     SOAP

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